Canon MX922 Printer Setup

Canon Pixma MX922 is one of the most efficient and reliable high-end printers. It fulfills the user requirement by delivering outstanding quality.

  • Carefully unbox the printer and place the printer on a flat surface.
  • Remove the protective tapes and other package content from the printer.
  • The Printer Box will contain a User Guide, Power Cord, Cartridges, and the Printer.
  • Connect the power cord Printer end to the back of the printer and the other end to the wall outlet.
  • Turn on the printer and select your language on the printer screen.
  • Locate the Ink cartridges and remove the orange protective cover from all the cartridges.
  • Open the Printer access the door, which is right beneath the scanner glass. Wait until the Cartridge holders come to the Centre.
  • Slowly insert the Cartridges as per the color indications given; Slip the cartridges into the holders until you hear a click sound.
  • The light on the cartridge will lid if the cartridges were correctly installed.
  • Right after installing the cartridges, wait for the printer to perform the alignment.
  • Load the papers at the bottom tray and click ok on the printer screen.

Canon MX922 Drivers Download

  • Driver acts as a medium between the computer and the printer; Printer functions, can be managed only through the drivers.
  • Mostly Printer drivers come in a Disc along with the printer. The driver, could also be downloaded online.
  • To download it online, visit the manufacturer’s website and type the printer model in the search bar.
  • When the website shows up the drivers for your printer, click on the download button.
  • Run and install the driver software by accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Select the mode of connection from the software page to complete the network connection.
  • Contact our support team for instant support for installing the Drivers.

Canon MX922 Wireless Setup to Windows Computer

Canon MX922 Wireless Setup to Windows Computer
  • Canon MX922 can be connected to your Windows computer using a USB cable or via wireless method.
  • To perform the wireless set up, you must have the wireless router turned on.
  • Click on the Menu button, which is on the left side of the printer screen.
  • Using the four-way arrow buttons, navigate and select WLAN setup.
  • When the printer shows up the list of available Wi-Fi networks, select your network.
  • Enter the password using the arrow keys and click OK.
  • The printer will be, put onto the network once you enter the password.
  • From the computer, download the driver software and install it. On the installation screen, select the mode of connection as wireless.
  • Agree to the license agreement to finish the setup and perform the test printing to ensure that communication is enabled.
  • Get in touch with our support team for any assistance regarding Canon Mx922 wireless setup.

Canon MX922 Wireless Setup to Mac Computer

Canon MX922 Wireless Setup to Mac Computer
  • Follow the below instructions to connect your Canon MX922 printer wirelessly to a mac computer.
  • Click on the menu button from the printer control panel and select Wireless LAN setup.
  • Select standard set up and then press OK. The printer will start to scan the available wireless networks.
  • Select your network and enter the password to connect the printer to your network.
  • When the connection is complete, Download the drivers and select the mode of connection as wireless.
  • Once the installation is complete, open printers and scanners from the system preferences.
  • Click on the add icon and, the printer will show up. Select the printer and click Confirm.
  • For any assistance in adding the MX 922 to your mac computer, reach our customer support agents.

Canon MX922 Wireless Setup

  • To print wirelessly from the MX922 printer, connect it to the wireless network.
  • Once the printer gets connected to the network, all the wireless devices connected to the same network can access the printer.
  • After turning on the printer, click on the menu button to open the printer settings.
  • Select the Wireless LAN setup and choose the standard setup.
  • Use the four-way arrow keys to navigate and click Ok to select an option.
  • The printer will show up the available networks, choose your network and click OK.
  • Using the arrow keys, enter the wireless password. The password is case-sensitive, so it has to be precise.
  • You can notice that the wireless light on the printer will stop blinking once the printer is on the network.
  • For any assistance regarding the MX922 wireless setup, reach our support team.

Canon MX922 Scanner Setup

  •  IJ scan utility software helps to control the scan function of the MX922 printer.
  • One can scan from the scanner glass or the feeder for multiple-page scanning.
  • Place the document on the scanner glass or feeder and open the ij scan utility software.
  • Select the source as scanner glass or automatic feeder where the document for scanning placed.
  • Click on the Copy option. The scanner will start to warm up.
  • Select the destination folder on your operating system to save the scanned document.
  • To configure ij scan utility software, contact our support team.

Canon MX922 Troubleshooting

  • When the printer is not responding to your computer, follow the below troubleshooting methods.
  • Before beginning the troubleshooting, ensure the connections made to the printer are appropriate.
  • You can see the printer status offline; The error code gets displayed when the printer does not respond.
  • The offline issues occur when the printer is not on the network due to the power or network fluctuation.
  • Restarting the printer could help most with offline issues; Try restarting the printer once.
  • If restarting didn’t make any difference, uninstall and reinstall the driver software.
  • If you receive any error codes, it could be due to the paper jam. You need to check and clear if any paper got jammed in the printer.
  • To remove the jammed paper, you must place the printer upright with the right side facing down.
  • Open the transport unit, and you can find the jammed paper into it. Remove it slowly.
  • Contact our support team to troubleshoot all kinds of printer issues.

Canon MX922 Mobile Printing

  • The phone and printer have to be connected to the same network to do mobile printing.
  • Download the Canon print application to your phone and do the printing through the software.
  • Once the program downloaded, open and do register your printer to the application.
  • Once you click on register, the application will scan and bring up the available printers.
  • Select your printer and give a name for it for easier recognition.
  • Click OK, and the printing app configuration gets done.
  • Select any image or document from the application to send it to the printer.
  • If the printer still didn’t respond ,reach our tech experts to enable mobile printing right away.