How to connect windows pc, ij start canon tr4520 using wireless method?

  1. The connecting of your ij start canon tr4520 printer to a windows pc achieves in three stages.
  2. Prepare the attachment printer first.
  3. Secondly, the configuration,
  4. Third, tr4520 printer device installation.
  5. Let’s proceed.
  6. Make sure the router is activated and programmed correctly.
  7. Let’s now ready the linked canon printer tr4520.
  8. Click the wireless attach button of the canon printer and keep it for about three seconds.
  9. See how the screen has shown,
  10. Now comes printing preparation.
  11. Enter the URL of ij start canon on the web browser
  12. Let the installation ij start canon app be download now.

launch your canon tr4520, easy way

  1. Click configuration.
  2. Input your name for the product
  3. If a collection area or country screen has shown, follow the directions on display.
  4. Click start on canon launch tr4520.
  5. Click on the attach icon if your launch canon printer has already prepared,
  6. Click download.
  7. The configuration starts automatically. Click the downloaded file to get started.
  8. Let’s launch the canon tr4520 installation next.
  9. Click launch canon setup.
  10. Next click.
  11. Choose your place, then next click.
  12. Then press yes. Read the words. The ij start canon app won’t install if you press no.
  13. Tap may not approve of the facilities about the screen with canon printers.

Confirm connection tr4520 canon printer

  1. Whatever your preference, the canon printer can be.
  2. As this screen shown confirms the appearance of your connection tr4520 printer and wireless router, then press yes to finish the link.
  3. Select next after you finish the connection tr4520 printer.
  4. The driver is mounted now. It might take a couple of minutes.
  5. Press start on the test print screen and follow any directions on the screen to print.
  6. Select next after the evaluation is over.
  7. The configuration is complete when the screen has shown click next.
  8. Confirm that the ij start canon app you wish to update chosen on the software installation screen, select next
  9. The software begins to install, might take several minutes.
  10. Click next.
  11. Software installation finished, you can scan or print now on canon ij start tr4520 printer.